Donations, Bounties and Fundraisers


Please help the software projects you use and love.

You can support the BorgBackup Project using these options:


PayPal Donations are maybe the easiest way (if you already use PayPal or a credit card) to directly support a specific developer.

Waldmann EDV is the company of Thomas Waldmann, borgbackup's main developer and maintainer.


On Liberapay, you can become a Patron and support us on a regular basis to create a long term sustainable project.

The funds are distributed to the borgbackup team members and as a borgbackup developer you can join the team.

Github sponsors and OpenCollective

On Github, you can become a sponsor and support us on a regular basis or alternatively also do a one-time donation.

The funds are transferred to OpenCollective Europe (OC EU) then, which is our fiscal host.

You can also give funds directly via OpenCollective, they also go to OC EU then.

The funds held by OC EU for us can be used to pay misc. project-related expenses submitted by borgbackup team members.