Donations, Bounties and Fundraisers

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You can support the BorgBackup Project using these options:

BountySource Bounties and Donations are a good short term help.

Liberapay Patrons help us to create a long term sustainable project.

Please help the software projects you use and love.


On Liberapay, you can become a Patron and support us on a regular basis.

The funds are distributed to the borgbackup team members and as a borgbackup developer you can join the team.


You can give general funds to the borgbackup members (the developers will then spend the funds as they deem fit, usually to create bounties).

You can support us best by doing regular donations via BountySource Salt.

You can use the above, if you do not have some specific bounty (see below).

If you want to encourage developers to fix some specific issue or implement some specific feature suggestion, you can post a new bounty or back an existing one (they always refer to an issue in our issue tracker).

We might also use BountySource to fund raise for some bigger goals.

As a developer, you can become a Bounty Hunter and win bounties (earn money).