Please first read the docs, the existing issue tracker issues and mailing list posts -- a lot of stuff is already documented / explained / discussed / filed there.


We have quite nice docs including:

  • installation

  • reference of borg commands

  • examples and a FAQ

  • internals docs

  • docs for developers

Issue Tracker

If you've found a bug or have a concrete feature request, please create a new ticket on the project's issue tracker.

For more general questions or discussions, IRC or mailing list are preferred.

Chat (IRC)

Join us on channel #borgbackup on

As usual on IRC, just ask or tell directly and then patiently wait for replies. Stay connected.

Using a IRC client and a registered nick is the preferred way to use our channel.

In times of high spammer activity, the registered nick might be even required to join our channel.

You could also use the web based IRC client, choose some nickname and join our channel (you might still need a registered nick to join our channel, see above):

#borgbackup channel web IRC

Matrix Chat

You can also use a matrix protocol based chat client like e.g. Element to join the #borgbackup room.

Note: This room is bridged to the #borgbackup IRC channel on

Mailing list

To find out about the mailing list, its topic, how to subscribe, how to unsubscribe and where you can find the archives of the list, see the mailing list homepage.

Mastodon / Twitter / X

Follow us there for announcements:

Please understand that Twitter/X and mastodon are not suitable for longer / more complex discussions - use one of the other channels for that.

Donations, Bounties and Fundraisers

See there.