Borg 1.4


Borg 1.4 will become the next stable release in the near future.

It is quite similar to borg 1.2 (it was forked from 1.2-maint branch at 1.2.7 release), but has a few bigger changes that needed alpha/beta/rc testing before it can be released.

Changelog summary

This is only a summary of the changes between 1.2.7 and 1.4. Check the full changelog to see all changes as well as important compatibility and upgrade notes.

Major new features in the 1.4 release series are:

  • BORG_EXIT_CODES=modern: optional more specific return codes (for errors and warnings).


  • PATH: do not accept empty strings ("")

Other changes:

  • require Python >= 3.9, Cython >= 3.0, msgpack >= 1.0.3

  • modernize python packaging (use pyproject.toml)

  • use pyinstaller 6.3.0 and python 3.11 for binary build

  • new naming convention for fat binaries (include glibc version for linux)